Branching Out

For the last few months, I've had an urge to step outside my wheelhouse and see what's going on elsewhere. My comfort zone is very comfortable, so it is tempting to ignore these restless rustlings and burrow myself further into my usual art pursuits. but no, I have to keep moving and setting goals, on my way to a constantly moving destination. 

There are three current goals I have wanted to accomplish. First, I wanted to get my work on Instagram. I set up my account about 3 months ago and I've posted 91 images so far. My Instagram consists completely of my art, with no personal photos or information. It had been an interesting process deciding what to post and when to post it. I have 40 years as a professional artist making paintings, drawings, assemblages, jewelry, and mixed media pieces. Seeing some early works again has been an instructive trip through my life's memories. 

The best part of being on Instagram is receiving support from the followers I have cultivated all over the world, and the opportunity to follow and support them in turn.