The idea of collaborating with other artists appeals to me for several reasons. Collaborations offer an opportunity to begin a piece and hand it off to another artist to complete. Conversely, you receive a piece begun with someone else's vision, and figure out how to incorporate your aesthetics into theirs to make a piece with a unique dual voice. There are challenges, too. There is a weight to "get it right" when someone else's work is involved. It's helpful if you have philosophical common ground with the other artist, but it stretches you more if your aesthetics are somewhat different. 

So far I have collaborated with two artists: acrylic/mixed media artist Janice Kindred and clay sculptor Victoria Kile. When I collaborated with Janice, we did two 12x12" pieces.She began one, I began the other, we traded midway through, and were both happy with the outcomes. These paintings went quickly for us both because Janice and I have similar working methods. The pieces I worked on with Victoria were more challenging, because clay sculpture is more foreign to me. I think she felt the same way about one of the assemblages that I began and handed off to her. We collaborated on four pieces and were both satisfied with them eventually. I'd recommend this process to any creative who is in a slump. I promise that it will stimulate and enlighten you.

Branching Out

For the last few months, I've had an urge to step outside my wheelhouse and see what's going on elsewhere. My comfort zone is very comfortable, so it is tempting to ignore these restless rustlings and burrow myself further into my usual art pursuits. but no, I have to keep moving and setting goals, on my way to a constantly moving destination. 

There are three current goals I have wanted to accomplish. First, I wanted to get my work on Instagram. I set up my account about 3 months ago and I've posted 91 images so far. My Instagram consists completely of my art, with no personal photos or information. It had been an interesting process deciding what to post and when to post it. I have 40 years as a professional artist making paintings, drawings, assemblages, jewelry, and mixed media pieces. Seeing some early works again has been an instructive trip through my life's memories. 

The best part of being on Instagram is receiving support from the followers I have cultivated all over the world, and the opportunity to follow and support them in turn. 

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my artist's blog! This is my first entry and I am excited to have this opportunity to talk about my art techniques, working methods, and sources of inspiration. My primary mediums are acrylic and mixed media, but I also speak in metals, assemblage, cards, and books.  I try to paint and draw every day to keep my skills strong and my inner critic at bay. I am also passionate about teaching others to express themselves through art making. Thanks for visiting and please come back often.